1. What is Adya Clarity®?

2. What are the ingredients of Adya Clarity®?

3. How does Adya Clarity® purify water, specifically?

4 How many contaminants does Adya Clarity® reduce or remove?

5. Does Adya Clarity® reduce fluoride?

6. Where is Adya Clarity® made?

7. What is the shelf life of Adya Clarity®?

8. What type of water can I treat with Adya Clarity®?

9. How much water does my bottle of Adya Clarity® purify?

10. How much Adya Clarity® is needed to treat my water?

11. What do I do after adding Adya Clarity® to my water?

12. When can I drink my water after adding Adya Clarity® to it?

13. After adding Adya Clarity® to my water, what should I see?

14. I let my Adya Clarity® treated water sit overnight; what is the residue at the bottom of my container?

15. Is it safe to consume the residue at the bottom of my container after adding Adya Clarity®? How can I remove it?

16. How should I store my purified Adya Clarity® water?

17. How do I store Adya Clarity®?

18. Is it okay to heat water after treating it with Adya Clarity®?

19. Why does Adya Clarity® come in plastic bottles? Are they BPA-free?



What contaminants does the Adya Water Filter remove?

Does the Adya Water Filter remove fluoride?

Is the Adya Water Filter BPA-free?

How much water does the Adya Water Filter hold?

What types of filters are in the Adya Water Filter?

What are the dimensions of the Adya Water Filter?

My spigot is leaking. What do I do?

My flow rate is slow. What do I do?

How often should I clean my filter tanks?

Where should I store my water filter?

How can I remove algae film from my water filter?


How often should I replace the Micro-Ceramic Replacement Filter?

How often should I replace the 4-Layer Earth Replacement Filter?

How do I prepare and change my replacement filters?

How do I clean my replacement filters?

How do I remove algae film on the Micro-Ceramic Replacement Filter?

Where are the replacement filters made?



How do I place an order?

Can I place an order over the phone?

How quickly will my order be processed?

How do I cancel an order?

How can I get special offers and discounts?


How long does it take for my order to be shipped and delivered?

Do you ship internationally? What about Canada?

How do I update my shipping or billing address?

Why can't Adya Water Filters and Replacement Filters be shipped to California or Iowa?


What is your return policy?

How do I return an item?