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Through testing conducted by an independent, U.S. EPA-certified laboratory, it was determined that Adya, Inc.’s water purifying solution, Adya Clarity, reduces up to 99.9% of the chemical 4-Methylcyclohexanemethanol (MCHM) from water.

The chemical, 4-Methylcyclohexanemethanol (MCHM) was spilled into the Elk River just upstream from the Kanawha County municipal water intake in Charleston, West Virginia on January 9, 2014, contaminating the water supply to over 300,000 West Virginia residents.

The U.S. EPA-certified laboratory, Envirotek Laboratories, Inc. of Mullica Hill, New Jersey, conducted the MCHM Reduction Test using Adya’s water purifying solution, Adya Clarity. The following procedures were performed:

Three liters of tap water were spiked with 400 μg of 4-Methyl-1-cyclohexanemethanol (MCHM) in a flask. Added 12 mL (4mLper liter) of Adya Clarity solution to the spiked solution, the flask was closed, mixed well and let sit for 12, 24, and 48 hours inside a fume hood. One liter of the solution was filtered through a 0.45 micron paper after 12 hours, a second liter of the solution was filtered through a 0.45 micron paper after 24 hours, the final liter of the solution was filtered through a 0.45 micron paper after 48 hours, the initial spiked solution and the filtered solutions were tested following the EPA method 525 for drinking water. The results are summarized below:


Time Before Filtering

MCHM concentration in Adya Clarity Filtered Water

% Reduction

12 hours.

7.5 µg/L

94.4 %

24 hours

3.5 µg/L

97.4 %

48 hours

<0.1 µg/L

99.9 %


The Adya Clarity solution combined with the 0.45 microns filter paper reduced the MCHM concentration in the tap water by 99.9 % after 48 hours treatment.

WHAT IS MCHM (4-methylcyclohexanemethanol)?

4-methylcyclohexanemethanol (MCHM) is a chemical used to process coal. MCHM does not have explosive nor flammable properties. It is classified as an organic alcohol with an odor reported to smell like licorice.


Unfortunately, information regarding the impact of MCHM to human health and the environment, either acute or chronic, is not fully known. Apparently, there are no human health studies. One study, owned by Eastman Chemical Company, where MCHM was tested on rats, is considered to be proprietary information and has not been released to the public.


Founded in 2004, and based in Coldwater, Michigan, Adya, Inc. is the manufacturer of a revolutionary water purifying solution. This water purifying solution is a natural mineral salt complex which provides a safe and effective way to purify water.

Adya’s products are distributed around the world through manufacturing facilities located in North America, Europe, and Africa.

Adya, Inc. believes that clean and safe drinking water is a basic human right. They are committed to providing revolutionary, innovative and cost-effective products to not only provide clean and safe drinking water for humanity, but to clean Earth’s freshwater reserves to ensure the future of all life on Earth.

For more information about Adya, Inc., please visit their website at email them at, or call 517-781-6055.


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  • A new everyone should be open for gay Catholics in the church

    advice by Francis DeBernardo, particular to CNN

    (msnbc) I could not believe what I was reading as I saw the news Monday morning thatCatholic clergymeeting in Rome saidgay and lesbian people should be welcomed into the church more warmly.

    After decades of hearing messages from high church officials that lesbian and gay individuals were a threat to humanity and a danger to children, I had to rub my eyes a few times to be certain that I was reading this new, better language correctly.

    Was this really coming from the Catholic Church?

    Most considerably, The insurance plan calls on Catholic communities to be “taking and valuing” Of lesbian and gay people sexual positioning, And to recognize that lesbian and gay people "Have gifts and houses to offer to the Christian community. mostly, This is a total turnaround of earlier church statements that labelled such an orientation as disordered, And which viewed lgbt people in faith communities as problems and suspect persons.

    The new language recognizes for the first time the reality that I have witnessed in more than20 years of ministry with lesbian and gay Catholics: "They wish to come across a Church that offers them a welcoming home,

    Although this statement does not approve same gender marriages which is not a surprise it is very significant that gay and lesbian couples are praised for offering one another "Mutual aid to begin sacrifice takes its precious support in the life of the partners,

    This recognition of the holiness of gay and lesbian couples is a development, And I think it can lead to further developments of full recognition in years to come.

    What is also central and hopeful about this document is what is not said.

    There is no vicious disapproval of same gender marriages, As previous ordered statements exhorted. We don see the gloom and doom and apocalyptic horror that Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI and their followers have foretold due to the advent of same gender marriages.

    The only truly sour note in this document was the suggestion that intercontinental bodies should not “duress” Pastors acknowledge "Gender ideological background,

    The influence that many unusual bodies are trying to exert is that of protecting the civil hot russian mom and human rights of LGBT people, So that their details are not criminalized, And in order that they don suffer penalties and violence. defending LGBT human rights is a pro family measure, Very much in keeping with the synod’s topic.

    Although this document does not go as far as I and there are more would like, I think it is don’t forget to remember that doctrinal change in the church starts with a change in language and tone, Which leads to a general change in pastoral attitudes and practices, Which eventually reasons doctrine.

    What is significant is that the terms of the discussion have now been changed, And that opens new alternatives for how Catholics, Both nonetheless are what caused leaders and those in the pew, Will think about lesbian and gay people and respond to their lives and concerns.

    maybe there most welcome statement, In terms of general approaches to marriage, clan, And libido, most likely the admonition: "The indispensable biblical theological study is to be come with dialogue, At all development,

    This call to dialogue has been absent in church blog posts of sexuality for way too long. It presents the hope that future changes that are even more welcoming and accepting of lesbian and gay people and their own families can develop down the road.

    Once church leaders embark on dialogue with lesbian and gay Catholics, I am confident these kinds of leaders will see the deep faith, genuinely, And witness to the gospel that is active in their lives and loves.

    all-around, This document presents a new and very hopeful direction for church leaders to approach lesbian and gay people and their own families.

    I hope that local bishops and pastors will improve with these challenges with new ways of welcome and acceptance.

    Francis DeBernardo is executive director of New Ways Ministry, an organization that ministers to gay, Lesbian, Transgender and additionally bisexual Catholics. The views explained in this column belong to DeBernardo.


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