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Why Adya Clarity¬ģ is the Ultimate Solution for Water Purification

Everyone knows that water is fundamental to life; nothing can live without it. Water makes up over half of our bodies so when we're properly hydrated, our bodies can perform better and more efficient. Because our bodies rely on water so much, it's important that we drink only the best quality. The cleaner our water is, the better it'll be to our overall health and well-being. Nearly all of our drinking water sources contain some level of contamination, whether from natural or man-made contaminants, that pose serious health risks. Water purification, the treatment of water to make it safe by reducing contaminants, is vital to prevent unwanted contaminants in our water. 

Adya Clarity¬ģ is an all-natural, innovative water purification solution that's pioneering a brand new and highly effective way to purify water. Read on to discover what makes Adya Clarity¬ģ the ultimate water purification solution.¬†

Adya Clarity¬ģ purifies water without the use of¬†synthetic¬†chemicals.

Water suppliers add disinfectants like chlorine to drinking water to help control microbes. When disinfectants react with naturally occurring materials in water, they form harmful disinfection byproducts like trihalomethanes. Trying to control microbes while limiting health risks from disinfection byproducts is a major issue for water suppliers. Adya Clarity¬ģ is an all-natural solution of purified water and concentrated mineral salts that eliminates the need for chemical disinfectants and will never create harmful byproducts. In fact, Adya Clarity¬ģ reduces disinfection byproducts like chloramines and trihalomethanes in water to undetectable levels.

Adya Clarity¬ģ is effective against some of the worst and most common contaminants.

Allergic reactions, reproductive and developmental disorders, kidney damage, endocrine disruption, and cancer. These are just a few harmful health risks linked to many of the contaminants found in water supplies.¬†Adya Clarity¬ģ has been tested and proven to significantly reduce hundreds of these contaminants such as:

Adya Clarity¬ģ allows you to drink tap water with confidence.





In recent years, the quality of tap water has become more and more of a concern. Contamination of our water supplies via chemical spills and other sources are all too common. But even if the water in your city doesn’t make headline news, there’s no guarantee it’s free of contaminants. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), tap water in the U.S. contains around 300 contaminants. While certain contaminants are regulated for health and safety, more than half of the contaminants found in tap water have no regulations. So things like rocket fuel (perchlorate), gasoline additives (MBTE), phthalates (Di-n-Butylphthalate), and certain disinfection byproducts can be in your tap water in any amount!  

If you use a water filter, you‚Äôre on the right path to clean, safe water. However, most water filters on the market only remove certain contaminants, which is why Adya Clarity¬ģ is so beneficial. As explained above, Adya Clarity¬ģ is highly effective against hundreds of contaminants found in tap water including unregulated ones like MBTE and¬†Di-n-Butylphthalate.¬†By adding Adya Clarity¬ģ to your water before filtration, you can be confidant that you‚Äôre giving yourself and your family the best protection from harmful, unwanted contaminants.

Adya Clarity¬ģ can be used to purify water for many purposes.

Although Adya Clarity¬ģ is most commonly used to purify drinking water, it can be used to purify water for animals, bathing, cooking, growing plants, or washing foods. It can also be used as a remediation of freshwater sources like lakes and ponds or as a safe alternative to harmful chemical disinfectants.


Adya Clarity¬ģ improves the taste of water by enhancing mineral content.

Mineral salts add natural flavors and texture to water. To give you an example, many people with well water have water softeners. Water softeners are used when water quality is very hard and the flavor unpleasant. After water is softened it has a softer texture and sweeter taste. This is because of the mineral salts utilized in the softener. Bottled water companies also add mineral salts to enhance the flavor of water. Adya Clarity¬ģ naturally contains many essential minerals in trace quantities including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc, giving your water a crisp, refreshing taste.

These reasons make Adya Clarity¬ģ a far superior choice for water purification than other products, and the best part is that it utilizes the Earth's natural water purification processes to work. Accumulated contaminants in our water supplies have diminished nature's water purification capabilities. Adya Clarity¬ģ restores water‚Äôs ability to cleanse itself, creating pure, healthy water as nature intended.