Introducing Our New Program: Adya For Everyone™ March 17 2015, 5 Comments


To coincide with World Water Day, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new program, Adya For Everyone™.

At Adya, we believe that everyone should be able to afford clean, healthy, high-quality drinking water. The Adya For Everyone™ program makes that possible by helping low-income individuals and families access Adya's water purification and filtration products at an affordable rate within their financial means.

Here's how it works: An interested person fills out our simple online form. An Adya Team Member contacts them and customizes an option based on their individual needs.

If you think Adya For Everyone™ can help you, just follow the link above to fill out our form. If you know someone who could benefit from this program, please share it with them using the following links:

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Adya For Everyone™ is made possible by people who care. #AdyaForEveryone