(VIDEO) The Adya Clarity® Water Purification Technology

Learn how the water you drink greatly affects your health and well-being and how the Adya Clarity® Water Purification Technology reduces the most contaminants while containing natural trace minerals, leaving you with cleaner, healthier, better-tasting drinking water.


Clean, Contaminant-Free Drinking Water is the Foundation of Good Health

Water is key to life and a very precious resource. The human body is composed of over 60% water. Water regulates all functions of the body; it helps to generate energy and delivers nutrients. Not only does water give life, but it is also a powerful cleanser. It detoxifies the body by cleaning out accumulated toxins and waste. As such, the quality of the water we drink affects nearly every aspect of our well-being. 

Unfortunately, the majority of our drinking water sources have been found to contain numerous contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, chemical disinfectants, harmful microorganisms, and even pharmaceutical drugs. Drinking water with even minute amounts of these contaminants over time is unsafe and extremely unhealthy. It can lead to serious health problems such as liver, kidney, or central nervous system problems, as well as cancers.

The Adya Clarity® Water Purification Technology Revolutionizes Water Purification

The Adya Clarity® Water Purification Technology is based on nature's water healing secrets. It is a natural blend of purified water and concentrated ionic sulfate minerals. It is non-toxic, free of synthetic chemicals, and safe for the environment. Adya Clarity® removes or reduces more contaminants than the leading filtration brands and gives your water a pure, delicious taste.

The Adya Clarity® Water Purification System not only removes many harmful contaminants and microbes from drinking water, but our purifying solution contains a broad spectrum of bio-available ionic minerals, providing you, your family, and even your pets with cleaner, healthier, and great-tasting drinking water.    




  • Hi Vivian, Thanks for your comment. Both water filters have the same filtration technology.The only difference is the bottom tank. One is glass and one is BPA-free plastic. So, it really comes down to your preference. Please call our customer service dept. when you’re ready to place your order at 517-781-6055 to receive your discount.

    Adya Team
  • I am thinking about buying a filter system. Which is better glass or the other system. Is it plastic? Also I will not be able to order until after December 10th. Can i still get the sale and 40% off. I truly like using your product. Thank you.
    Vivian Franklin

    Vivian Franklin

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