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Hexavalent Chromium in California's Water

On August 22, 2013, the California Department of Public Health issued a draft for the drinking water standard of 10 parts per billion (ppb) for Hexavalent Chromium (also known as Hex 6, Chromium 6, and C16, and the contaminant made famous by the Erin Brockovich movie). In 2001, the California State Legislature mandated that a drinking water standard for Hexavalent Chromium, be adopted by 2004. Nine years later, not only has the standard not been adopted, but the proposed standard has been adjusted from .02 pbb to a maximum contaminant level, 500 times higher than what California has determined safe to drink. This means that approximately 85% of the water sources contaminated by this dangerous carcinogen will not be treated, putting nearly 13 million California residents at risk.

Hexavalent Chromium has been detected in 51 California counties with the following having the most detections: Fresno, Kern, Los Angeles, Monterey, Riverside, Sacramento, San Bernadino, San Joaquin, Santa Clara, Stanislaus, and Tulare.


This problem isn't in California alone, according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), at least 74 million Americans in 42 states are drinking tap water that is chromium-polluted, and is likely to contain chromium in the cancer causing, hexavalent form. (

Adya Water Purifying Solution converts Hexavalent Chromium into Trivalent Chromium. Trivalent Chromium is an essential nutrient. As a nutrient, Trivalent Chromium's most important role is to positively affect the metabolism of proteins, lipids, fats, sugars and carbohydrates. The daily suggested intake is 30-35 mgs for adult men and 20-25 mgs for adult women.

Trivalent Chromium is neither toxic nor carcinogenic. Sources of Trivalent Chromium include whole-grain products and cereals, legumes, meats, yeast, coffee and spices. Dairy products contain low concentrations of Trivalent Chromium.

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  • I would like to see the company’s response to the above questions and concerns, as I am not about to invest my money or health into these products without a response from the company. Thank you!

  • We live on the coast in far northern California (Eureka). Last June 2014 we purchased your filter system (non-glass) and several 32 oz bottles of clarity. We have been using the purified water on a regular basis. I finally got around to deciding to order replace micro ceramic and 4-layer Earth filters. While on your website I saw that these are not for sale in our state as California has decided not to certify your filter system. I am curious as to why the Adya products do not meet California standards and would like to read something about this non-certification. As I said, we have invested much into your system and wanted to replace the filters but now find they are unavailable to us. Does California just have much more extensive certification requirements or has CA found some problem that other states don’t know about? If all other states seem to find no problem and it is just a matter of California being overly regulated or politicized (or whatever) then perhaps we can just have a relative in another state obtain our replacement filters. I prefer to keep the system because we have invested much into it, but will toss the whole thing if there has been some kind of problem found that we need to be concerned with. Our health is our priority—that is why we initially purchased your system. However, this priority also can lead us to go to another system if we find there is reason to doubt the safety and reliability of your system. I would appreciate your comments concerning this. Thank you.


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