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Adya Solutions & Resources for Flint Residents



Adya's Affordable Solution for the Flint Water Crisis


Adya products are certified to reduce heavy metals like¬†lead¬†and over 250 other toxic contaminants from water. As such, we recently announced that we are offering our water purification and filtration products to Flint, Michigan residents at deeply discounted prices through our¬†Adya For Everyone‚ĄĘ Program. ¬†

The Adya For Everyone‚ĄĘ program was¬†designed to help low-income individuals and families access Adya's water purification and filtration products at an affordable rate within their financial means, because we believe clean, healthy drinking water should be affordable for everyone. To support the community of Flint, we're giving any Flint resident the opportunity to sign up for this program regardless of their financial status.¬†

Visit the Adya For Everyone‚ĄĘ Program page to learn more or to sign up now.¬†


Adya's Alternative to Chloramines to Fix Flint's Municipal Water Treatment


"The use of chloramine is a very, very big problem. We are seeing, because of the use of chloramines, legionnaire outbreaks, distribution systems destroyed, high levels of manganese, iron, and lead leaching out into the municipal system, getting to the tap."  

- Erin Brockovich (Excerpt taken from this video.)

The Adya Clarity¬ģ water purification solution can be used on a large scale for municipal water treatment as a safer and more effective alternative to chemical disinfectants and disinfection byproducts like chlorine, chloramines, and trihalomethanes (THMs). Please contact us to learn more.¬†




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