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Clean Water for the Kuna Yala

The Kunas are an indigenous population located in Panama and Columbia, and more than 15,000 Kunas live in 51 communities in the comarca territory of Guna Yala, formerly known as the San Blas Islands. The Kunas face a number of social and health issues, many of which are related to lack of access to clean, safe drinking water.

The Kunas suffer from diarrheal diseases caused by consuming water from contaminated water tanks and a mainland pond. During the rainy season the Kunas collect rainwater in plastic barrels. The barrels are positioned very close to the huts where rodent feces contaminate the drinking water supply. When the rainy season is over they obtain their drinking water from a water hole on the mainland. Due to lack of maintenance, the water is muddy and contaminated. They do not have access to filtration or decontamination methods to purify their water.

Adya has partnered with US-based philanthropost, Deborah Castillero, and her son, Joshua Blair, who have established long-term relationships with the 2,500 Kunas living on five islands of Guna Yala. In 2006, Castillero and Blair raised $7,500 to purchase a container of Adya's Water Purifying Solution to decontaminate and restore the water on five islands.

Currently, we are working together to implement a long-term water purification system in the communities on five islands in Guna Yala. Adya has committed to donate a 10-year supply of our water purifying solution. We are hoping to raise $10,000 for the shipment and transportation of solution, rain barrels, water filters and manpower needed for project implementation.

This project will validate the use of Adya's technology for community based water purification and will provide key lessons-learned for future projects.

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