The Adya For Everyone Initiative: Making Clean Water Affordable & Accessible for All

Why Adya Water

The Adya Clarity¬ģ Water Purification System reduces over 250 contaminants including lead, chlorine, and fluoride to non-detectable amounts, 99.5% of pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter drugs, up to 99.9% of agricultural and industrial chemicals, and much more. Our products are proven¬†to reduce up to 50X more contaminants than the leading water pitchers and faucet filters.





Key Features & Benefits



  • Independently tested & proven to reduce over 250 contaminants including pharmaceuticals, OTC drugs, agricultural chemicals, heavy metals, industrial chemicals, disinfectants, disinfection byproducts, and microorganisms to a concentration less than or equal to NSF/EPA permissible standards.
  • Improves taste by neutralizing up to 100% of contaminants that affect taste like chlorine.
  • Contains natural minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium, giving you healthier, better-tasting water.
  • Advanced Filtration Technology contains micro-ceramic with an absolute pore size of 0.2, activated carbon, zeolites, silica sand, and ion exchange resin which are highly effective in the removal of bad odors, tastes, and other compounds.
  • Holds between 40-80 cups of water.¬†
  • Eliminates the expense and extra waste of buying bottled water.
  • Replacement filters last 6-12 months. That's up to 5X's as long as water pitcher or faucet filter replacements.¬†