Be Aware: Unauthorized Dealers Selling Adya Clarity®

Not every dealer advertising Adya Clarity® products has been authorized by Adya, Inc. to advertise or sell our products. Now and then, an unauthorized third-party dealer manages to acquire our products and sell them to unsuspecting customers. We're using our best efforts to prevent these dealers from from misleading customers by posing as knowledgeable representatives of our products.

Unauthorized dealers often advertise Adya Clarity® at ridiculously cheap prices, well below fair market value, that undercuts honest, hardworking authorized dealers.

Here are 5 reasons why you should avoid buying Adya Clarity® from an unauthorized dealer:

  1. Authorized Adya Dealers are knowledgeable about our products and can answer any questions you may have, unauthorized dealers cannot.
  2. Authorized Adya Dealers have an open line of communication with Adya, Inc., unauthorized dealers do not.
  3. Adya, Inc. cannot offer refunds or accept returns on damaged or tampered products purchased from unauthorized dealers.
  4. Adya Clarity is designed to be used with our water filtration system, unauthorized dealers will not be able to provide you with this product.
  5. Unauthorized dealers disappear once their inventory is gone leaving you with no recourse.

To avoid these issues and ensure you receive quality customer support, we urge you always to buy from an Authorized Adya Dealer. 

Below is a list we've compiled of known unauthorized dealers, however, this is not a complete list, and we'll continually update it on our Unauthorized Dealer Page as we discover new unauthorized dealers. Please review our Authorized Dealer Page or contact us if you have any doubts before purchasing Adya Clarity® products.

Unauthorized Adya Dealers:


Environmental Wholesale
Amazon Sellers
P Coast Partners
Adya For Life
 Ebay Sellers


  • My place Dharmapuri. I like the dealership

    Bhaskaran. N
  • Was thinking about buying your product to use in my household because our water supply is riddled with fluoride and only God knows what else. I stay in the UK and was just curious as to what kind of delivery process you use. I cant help but also have a concern when buying things on line as oppose to buying them face to face from a wholesaler, this is not directed at your website personally but I have this problem with the whole of the internet system. If you could clear up my thoughts I would be more than happy to buy your products.
    Thanks, Andrew.

  • email me phone number in Michigan..thanks.


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