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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adya Clarity?

Adya Clarity is an all-natural water purification solution that safely and effectively purifies water. Its unique, patented formulation of ionic sulfate minerals (electrolytes) neutralizes and assists in reducing and removing over 250 contaminants from water, providing you with cleaner, healthier, better-tasting drinking water.

What are the ingredients of Adya Clarity?

Iron.........................................1,330.0 PPM
Magnesium...............................451.0 PPM 
Potassium.................................271.0 PPM
Phosphorus................................30.5 PPM
Calcium......................................26.3 PPM 
Manganese................................21.6 PPM
Zinc..............................................2.1 PPM


Adya Clarity® also contains up to 80 trace minerals, including alum, cerium, chromium, cobalt, copper, lanthanum, lithium, nickel, rubidium, scandium, selenium, silicon, strontium, sulfur, titanium, and vanadium. As a natural substance, the mineral composition can vary slightly.

How does Adya Clarity purify water, specifically?

Adya Clarity Ionic Minerals purify water by utilizing a combination of the four stages of water purification, including coagulation, flocculation, precipitation, and deposition/sedimentation.

Stage 1: Flocculation -Adya Clarity initiates the first step in the purification process by promoting flocculation. This natural phenomenon causes suspended particles to clump together, making them easier to remove from your water. Say farewell to unwanted contaminants as Adya Clarity kickstarts the journey towards crystal-clear purity.

Stage 2: Agglutination: Watch as Adya Clarity takes water purification to the next level with agglutination. The suspended particles, now bound together, form larger aggregates, setting the stage for a more efficient cleansing process. Your water is on its way to becoming not just clean but truly revitalized.

Stage 3: Coagulation: Adya Clarity doesn't stop there – it introduces the powerful force of coagulation. As the aggregates continue to grow, the purification process intensifies. Coagulation ensures that even the tiniest impurities are captured and removed, leaving your water exceptionally clear and pure.

Stage 4: Deposition: The final touch – deposition. Adya Clarity facilitates the settling of the now-enlarged particles to the bottom, ensuring a thorough cleansing of your water. Experience the satisfaction of knowing that your water is free from contaminants, setting the stage for optimal hydration and well-being.

By utilizing these four stages of water purification, Adya Clarity Ionic Minerals can effectively purify water and remove harmful contaminants, making it safe for human consumption. The ionic minerals in Adya Clarity also improve the water's taste and add essential minerals to the water, making it more healthy and enjoyable to drink.

How many contaminants does Adya Clarity reduce or remove?

Adya Clarity® has been tested by third-party labs according to EPA and NSF/ANSI standards (when applicable) and proven to eliminate or reduce over 250 contaminants from water.

Does Adya Clarity reduce fluoride?

Yes. Adya Clarity traps 100% of the fluoride ions and reduces the concentration of sodium fluoride below the detection limit of EPA method 340.2 at a treatment rate of 3 tsp. per gallon or 4 ml per L.

Where is Adya Clarity made?

Adya Clarity is made in our manufacturing facility here in Michigan, USA according to GMP standards.

What is the shelf life of Adya Clarity?

Adya Clarity does not have an expiration date. Stored properly, in a dry place between 40-90 degrees F, it will remain effective indefinitely.

What type of water can I treat with Adya Clarity?

You can use Adya Clarity to purify any water except salt water; this includes, but is not limited to, distilled water, reverse osmosis water, alkaline ionized water, toilet water, rainwater, river, lake, or pond water, or any other freshwater source.

How much Adya Clarity is needed to treat my water?

The amount of Adya Clarity required depends on the quality and type of water being treated. The more contaminants in the water, the more Adya Clarity® you would need to treat it effectively. The standard rate is between 1-2 tsp. of Adya Clarity per gallon of water.

Please Note: If the water source is believed to be extremely contaminated by known or unknown toxic substances, proper laboratory analysis will be required to give accurate dilution rates.

What do I do after adding Adya Clarity to my water?

Stir well to distribute the solution evenly throughout your water.

Keep your water container uncovered to allow chlorine and other gaseous contaminants like volatile organic compounds (VOC's) to dissipate entirely.

Don't refrigerate your water during the treatment process because cold temperatures slow down precipitation.

When can I drink my water after adding Adya Clarity to it?

The wait time depends on the quality of the starting water. If the water you're starting with distilled or reverse osmosis water, wait 5-15 minutes before drinking. For tap water, the suggested wait time is 24-48 hours to ensure the neutralization of toxic contaminants.

Time-Saving Tips

  • Treat two large batches of water with Adya Clarity® at the same time; that way, you'll always have one to use for drinking while the other is being treated. (1 or 2.5-gallon HDPE plastic jugs work fine and can be found at any grocery store.)
  • Add Adya Clarity® to warm or hot water to help speed up the treatment process.

What should I see after adding Adya Clarity to my water?

The effects may vary depending on what type of water you're starting with and its level of contamination. You may see the following:

If you're starting with distilled or reverse osmosis water, there might not be enough contaminants to form precipitates. - Not all chemicals form precipitates. (i.e., Chlorine, volatile organic compounds, and other gaseous contaminants evaporate out of water.) Certain contaminants may take longer to treat, and you may not see immediate effects.

Cloudiness or a Change in Color
These are signs that dissolved contaminants are coming out of the solution. Let it sit longer until the impurities clump together and form a sediment at the bottom of your water container.

Pale Yellow Color or Sour Taste Throughout the Water
If you've let it sit for 24-48 hours and it has a pale yellow tinge or lemon flavor, you've added too much Adya Clarity®. (This generally happens when treating distilled or reverse osmosis water due to the starting pH.) Reduce the amount of Adya Clarity® by half the next time you treat your water.

I let my Adya Clarity treated water sit overnight; what is the residue at the bottom of my container?

What you are seeing is the final stage of Adya Clarity®'s water purification process, called deposition or precipitation whereby the precipitates (neutralized contaminants) settle and are deposited as sediment at the bottom of your water container. This sediment is completely harmless and if consumed, will pass through your body. However, you can use a water filter or pour your water through a cheesecloth or coffee filter to remove this residue.

Is it safe to consume the residue at the bottom of my container after adding Adya Clarity? How can I remove it?

Yes. Though it may be unpleasant to look at, it is completely harmless and will pass through your body if consumed. However, most people prefer to remove it from their water. To remove it, you can use a water filter, pour your water through a cheesecloth or coffee filter, or simply pour the top portion into a separate container leaving the residue in the bottom to discard. You can pour this on your plants instead of down the drain!

How should I store my purified Adya Clarity water?

You can store your purified water in a glass, stainless steel, ceramic, or HDPE #2 BPA-free plastic container.

Is it okay to heat water after treating it with Adya Clarity?

Yes. Heat will not affect the efficacy of Adya Clarity®. You can use it to treat your water when cooking or making beverages like coffee or tea.

I noticed some particulates floating in my bottle of Adya Clarity. What is that?

What you see in your bottle of Adya Clarity is just precipitates from the solution itself. Because there is a high amount of mineral salts in Adya Clarity®, they sometimes fall (precipitate) out of the solution due to changes in temperature and/or altitude during transportation or storage. You can simply strain your solution through a colander, coffee filter, or cheesecloth to remove the precipitates or use it as is.

Water Filter Questions

What contaminants does the Korea Ceramic Water Filter remove?

The Korea Ceramic Water Filter removes particulates and fine sediment and reduces any microorganism down to 0.2 microns in size, bad odors, tastes, and other organic compounds. 

Combined with Adya Clarity®, the Korea Ceramic Water Filter reduces over 250 contaminants. including pharmaceuticals drugs, agricultural and industrial chemicals, heavy metals, disinfectants, and disinfection byproducts to a concentration less than or equal to NSF/EPA permissible standards.

Does the Korea Ceramic Water Filter remove fluoride?

When used in conjunction with Adya Clarity, the Korea Ceramic Water Filter reduces the concentration of sodium fluoride below the detection limit of EPA method 340.2.

Is the Korea Ceramic Water Filter BPA-free?

Yes. The Korea Ceramic Water Filter is made of food-grade high-density polyethylene (HDPE) #2 BPA-free plastic.

What types of filters are in the Korea Ceramic Water Filter?

The filter in the top tank is composed of highly compressed ceramic with an absolute pore size of 0.2 microns, while most bacteria and protozoa are 0.5 – 1.0 microns in diameter. The filter’s first filtration stage traps bacteria, protozoa, particles, and other contaminants from entering the 4-Layer Earth Filter in the bottom tank for further filtration. 

The filter in the bottom tank comprises four layers of activated carbon, zeolites, silica sand, and ion exchange resin that trap bacteria, protozoa, and other contaminants and help reduce bad odors, tastes, and other compounds.

Activated Carbon has been used since ancient times (1200 BC) to purify water. Activated carbon is “activated” by heat and oxygen to create a high surface area that absorbs a broad range of contaminants frequently found in water.

Zeolites are microporous, aluminosilicate minerals with a unique cage-like structure that makes them useful in many ways, especially in water filters. Their ion exchange and absorption properties reduce odor and clean heavy metals and other natural compounds from water.

Silica sand is commonly used in water filters because of its highly absorbent qualities to remove granular contaminants, suspended solids, and colloids.

Ion Exchange Resin In water purification, ion exchange resin is used to remove poisonous and heavy metal ions, replacing them with more harmless ions, such as sodium or potassium.

My spigot is leaking. What do I do?

  • Check that the spigot and spigot nut aren’t over-tightened, and the silicon rings are correctly aligned on each side of the spigot.
  • Empty the bottom tank. Dry the silicon rings and the area they attach to on the tank completely, then reattach and tighten; if the silicon rings are even slightly wet, it will cause the spigot to leak.

My flow rate is slow. What do I do?

If the filtration system is filtering slower than usual, check to see if it’s time to clean the Micro-Ceramic Filter or if more water is needed in the top tank; because the system is gravity-fed, the more water in the top tank, the faster it will filter.

How often should I clean my filter tanks?

Clean your filter tanks every few months or as often as needed. Wash with warm water and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly.

Where should I store my water filter?

Store your filter in a cool, shady place. Don't keep your filter in bright sunlight, since the bright light and warmth help algae grow. Algae spores are in the air and may be present in your tap water. The blue/green algae most commonly seen is not harmful to your health, and it can be removed from your filter system with a proper cleaning of your system.

How can I remove algae film from my water filter?

Clean your Adya Water Filter System thoroughly using mild soap and warm water. Do not clean in a dishwasher.

Where is the Korea Ceramic Water Filter made?

The Korea Ceramic Water Filter System is made in South Korea.

Replacement Filter Questions

How often should I replace the Micro-Ceramic Replacement Filter?

The Micro-Ceramic Replacement Filter should be replaced once a year or 1,000 gallons.

How often should I replace the 4-Layer Earth Replacement Filter?

The 4-Layer Earth Replacement Filter should be replaced once every 6 months or 500 gallons.

How do I prepare and change my replacement filters?

Before using a new water filter for the first time, it's essential to prepare it properly to ensure the best performance and water quality. Start by soaking the filter elements if the manufacturer's instructions specify this step. Soaking primes the filter media, enabling it to effectively remove contaminants right from its first use. After the soaking period, install the filter into its housing.

Soak both filters in cold water for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Micro-Ceramic Replacement Filter 

  • Attach the o-ring to the filter.
  • Insert the filter into the top tank and fasten it with the nut. Do not over-tighten.

4-Layer Earth Replacement Filter 

  • Next, proceed to flush the system to remove any residual manufacturing debris or carbon dust. To do this, fill the top tank of the filter system with water and allow it to pass through both filters completely. This initial flush ensures that any loose material is thoroughly washed out of the filter elements. Discard the water from this initial run, as it may contain impurities or fine particles from the manufacturing process.
  • Once the system has been flushed, refill the top tank with fresh water. This water will pass through the now-primed filters and be ready for drinking. This process ensures that the water you consume is clean and free from any residual materials that could affect the taste or quality.
  • Twist the filter counterclockwise into the plastic plate.

Download the filtration guide to see the component diagram.

How do I clean my replacement filters?

Clean the Micro-Ceramic Replacement Filter by gently wiping with a wet sponge on all sides when you start to see an orange film build-up. Do not use soap. Keep a sponge set aside for cleaning this filter that never has had soap on it. The 4-Layer Earth Replacement Filter requires no maintenance.

How do I remove algae film on the Micro-Ceramic Replacement Filter?

Extended exposure to direct sunlight may result in algae growth. If this occurs, gently wipe and rinse the filter with cold water. (Discoloration on the filter will not affect its performance.)

Where are the replacement filters made?

Both replacement filters are made in South Korea.

Orders & Returns

How quickly will my order be processed?

Most orders are processed and shipped within 24-48 hours, barring any order discrepancies such as an address, other vital shipping info, or qualifications. Any order placed after noon Friday will most likely ship the following Monday.

How do I cancel an order?

To cancel an order, please email us at Orders that have already been processed cannot be canceled, but we will issue a Return Authorization Number (RA#) for you to send your order back once it's delivered. 

What is your return policy?

Adya will gladly refund or exchange any unopened, unused or damaged product. Refunds and exchanges are issued during the 30 days following the date of shipment. Original shipping costs are non-refundable.

To make a return, follow the steps on our return policy page within 30 days following the date of shipment.

How do I return an item?

Just follow these simple steps within 30 days following the date of shipment:

  • Please email us at to receive a Return Authorization Number (RA#). This number is required; we cannot process any product returns or exchanges without one.
  • Complete the Adya Merchandise Return Form with the requested information and your RA#. This form gives us all the necessary information to process your request quickly. Write your RA# on your return package and mail the product and Return form to us. The address label should read Adya, Inc RA # (fill in Return Authorization # Here) 1430 N Old US Highway 27 Gaylord, Michigan 49735. Note: Customers are responsible for return shipping costs. 

How can I get special offers and discounts?

Add your email to our mailing list to receive monthly special offers and discounts.


How long does it take for my order to be shipped and delivered?

Most orders ship within 24-48 hours. Any order placed after noon Friday will most likely ship the following Monday. Depending on the Carrier, shipping time is between 2-5 days. Hawaii and Alaska allow added time. We will send your tracking number so you can follow the shipment's progress.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we currently ship to the following countries:


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My package tracking says "delivered," but I haven't received my order.

We apologize if you have not received your order(s) as indicated. If your tracking information states that your package was delivered but you cannot locate it -

The carrier may have placed it in a safer location, please check:

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