Elevate Your Water Quality with Adya Clarity Ionic Minerals

Maximum contaminant removal, added essential minerals.

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Welcome to a new level of water purity with Adya Clarity Ionic Minerals

Our specially formulated advanced water purification solution neutralizes and reduces over 250 harmful contaminants, including lead, chlorine, fluoride, chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and more, for the purest water for you and your family.

Adya Clarity Ionic Minerals

But that's not all...


Third-Party Tested

Third-party tested by independent labs for quality assurance.

Max Contaminant Removal

Effectively removes/reduces over 250 contaminants for the purest water possible.

Patented Technology

Utilizes advanced proprietary technology for highest level of water purification.


Reduces plastic consumption and is a natural alternative to chlorine and other chemcial-based water treatments.

Quenches Thirst

Provides optimal hydration that satisfies your thirst.

Unlimited Shelf Life

Lasts indefinitely when properly stored in a dry place out of direct sunlight, between 40-90 degrees.

Experience the Difference in Every Drop

This makes your water taste so much better and the fact that you can see everything it pulls out makes you wonder what you have been drinking! We used this in our hot tub for almost 2 years and never had to put a drop of any chemicals and its Ph stayed right where it was suppose to. I recommend these drops to everyone.

Adya Clarity Ionic Minerals

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