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Make Clean, Healthy Living Water with Adya Clarity Ionic Minerals

Make Clean, Healthy, Living Water with Adya Clarity Ionic Minerals

Adya Clarity Ionic Minerals - The Ultimate Solution for Pure, Healthy, Living Drinking Water

Are you concerned about the quality of your drinking water? Want to ensure that your family is consuming pure, safe, and refreshing water at all times? Adya Clarity® Ionic Minerals are here to help.

Adya Clarity Ionic Minerals

Have been buying the Adya Clarity Ionic Minerals for well over 10 years now. Best thing that ever happened to our drinking water.


Easy to Use

Simply add the recommended amount to your water before filtering.

Lasts Forever

Unlimited shelf life when properly stored, a great for water storage!

Independently Tested

According to NSF and EPA standards for maximum safety and efficacy.

Made in USA

Proudly made in the United States to comply with GMP standards for quality assurance.

This makes your water taste so much better and the fact that you can see everything it pulls out makes you wonder what you have been drinking! We used this in our hot tub for almost 2 years and never had to put a drop of any chemicals and its pH stayed right where it was suppose to. I recommend these drops to everyone.


Contaminants Reduced by Adya Clarity Include

Heavy Metals

Pesticides & Insecticides



BPA & Phthalates

Disinfectants & Disinfection Byproducts


VOC's & SVOC's

PCB's, PAH's, & PAC's