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Adya Clarity Creates 4th Phase "EZ" Water

In the mid-nineteenth century, a biologist named Sir William Hardy proposed that water’s three phases – solid, liquid, and gas – didn’t do water justice. He insisted that a fourth, or even fifth phase must exist between the three already discovered. However, as scientists had already subjected the three phases to ample research (and as schools found three phases easier to teach to introductory Biology students) Hardy’s proposal remained largely ignored.

Almost two-hundred years later, science continues to turn a blind eye toward Hardy’s suggestions. However, in Washington state, a small team of researchers headed by Dr. Gerald Pollack has begun to reverse this trend. Drawing upon the well of information (pun intended) already gathered about H2O, they have discovered that Hardy was not thinking too far out of the box. Although the science isn’t simple, Pollack and his team have dubbed their creation “EZ water.”

What is EZ Water?

Exclusion Zone (EZ) water – also called fourth-phase water – consists of layers of bound H3O2 molecules. These layers carry a negative charge, which causes them to repel each other to the degree that they cannot form a solid. As a viscous mass, EZ water repels particles such as those found in dirt, soil, and old pipes.

Overall, EZ water is denser and purer than “traditional” water (H2O). Because of these properties, Dr. Pollack contends that EZ water is the “missing link” between water’s solid and liquid states.

How EZ Water Can Help You

We’ve already mentioned how EZ water carries a negative charge. This charge attracts light energy, which comes from sources as complex as infrared beams or as mundane as the sun shining in your window. This also means that, when consumed, EZ water creates a slightly alkaline environment in the body that allows drinkers derive more energy from UV rays. Called sun-based living, some scientists believe it is the key to optimal health.

EZ water’s density also makes it unique. With a jellylike texture, it pushes away molecules that slip through H2O’s grasp. In fact, part of what helped Pollack and his team discover EZ water was its power as a rust and dirt repellant. 

Thanks to this early identification of EZ water’s purifying potential, scientists are now at work to determine whether the substance also excludes salts and small-molecular chemicals. If their tests are successful, EZ water could render sea water drinkable and open a host of new water sources for humans.

Adya Clarity® Creates EZ Water

After learning about Dr. Pollack’s discoveries, the team at Adya became curious as to whether their product – already renowned for purifying even the most contaminated water – produced the same layering effect as EZ water. An independent test confirmed their hypotheses, revealing that water treated with Adya Clarity® absorbed UV rays at a much higher frequency than normal H2O. Simply put, Adya Clarity makes water not only drinkable but also better for the body.

Because it purifies water in the blink of an eye, it’s easy to think that Adya Clarity® is only for people who don’t have drinkable water readily available, or for communities in crisis situations. Luckily, its reach extends well beyond that. A confirmed conductor of UV rays, water treated with Adya Clarity® also doubles as Dr. Pollack’s famous EZ water, something that can balance your pH and launch your wellness into its fourth phase.


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