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Water Bucket Filter System

Water Bucket Filter System

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Enhance your Potable Water

Experience the ultimate water treatment system with the Water Bucket Filter System, enhanced by the powerful purification properties of Adya Clarity Ionic Minerals. Not only does Adya Clarity purify your water, reducing 250+ contaminants, it also mineralizes and structures your water, enriching it with essential minerals for enhanced hydration. Then, the micro-ceramic filter of the Bucket System takes over, ensuring that your water is impeccably filtered and free of sediment formed by the purification process of Adya Clarity.

Made in the USA, our system features a 3.5-gallon top tank where water, pre-treated with Adya Clarity to reduce a wide range of impurities, is added. It then filters through a micro-ceramic filter, effectively removing any remaining sediment as it moves to the bottom 3.5-gallon bottom tank, providing exceptionally pure and great-tasting water.

The HDPE #2 BPA-free food-grade plastic construction guarantees longevity and maintains the integrity of your water. At a height of 22.5 inches and a width and depth of 12 inches, this system offers considerable capacity without occupying too much space.

Easy to assemble and use, the Water Bucket Filter System does not rely on electricity. It weighs only 4 lb 9 oz, making it easily transportable for on-the-go or in any corner of your home. 

The Water Bucket Filter System, coupled with Adya Clarity, forms an unrivaled duo that delivers pristine water, which is not only free from visible impurities but also from those invisible to the naked eye.

This comprehensive system includes:

  • 1 - Top bucket with lid, where you add Adya Clarity to treat the water initially.
  • 1 - Bottom bucket with lid, to collect and store the purified water after filtration.
  • 1 - Micro-Ceramic Filter, to filter out any remaining¬†sediment post-purification.
  • 1 - Spigot, for convenient access to your clean water.
  • 1 - Adya Clarity 32 oz., the first step in your water treatment process, ensuring the elimination of¬†toxic contaminants for the cleanest water possible.

Choose this system for an unmatched, thorough approach to water treatment, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your water is as pure as nature intended.