Introducing New, Lower Pricing for Adya Clarity®!

At Adya, Inc., we are always looking for new ways to improve our customer value and satisfaction. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that we can now offer the Adya Clarity® product line at a lower cost, so it's more affordable and available to more people. As of September 1st, 2017, the retail price of Adya Clarity® will be reduced by 20-33%. The new retail prices will be as follows: 

                                                                                         Old Price                    New Price

Adya Clarity 2 oz.                                                             $24.95                         $19.99
Adya Clarity 16 oz.                                                           $84.95                         $59.99
Adya Clarity 32 oz.                                                           $149.95                       $99.99

Additionally, all bundle packs that include Adya Clarity® will be reduced to reflect the new retail pricing along with an additional 5-15% off. The new bundle pack prices will be as follows:

                                                                                        Old Price                     New Price

Adya Clarity 2 oz. 2-Pack                                                $44.90                          $37.98
Adya Clarity 2 oz. 4-Pack                                                $79.84                          $67.96 

Adya Clarity 16 oz. 2-Pack                                              $152.90                        $113.98
Adya Clarity 16 oz. 3-Pack                                              $216.62                        $161.97
Adya Clarity 16 oz. 4-Pack                                              $271.84                        $203.96 

Adya Clarity 32 oz. 2-Pack                                              $269.90                        $189.98
Adya Clarity 32 oz. 3-Pack                                              $382.37                        $269.97
Adya Clarity 32 oz. 4-Pack                                              $479.84                        $339.96

Adya Clarity®/Water Filter Starter Pack                         $188.90                        $175.69
Adya Clarity®/Water Filter Standard Pack                     $250.60                        $220.43
Adya Clarity®/Water Filter Super Pack                          $451.72                        $395.09

We believe that this new pricing will not only provide you with an even greater value, but it also demonstrates our commitment to customer satisfaction. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future.